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Five Quick & Simple Rodent Prevention Tips For Roanoke Rapids Homeowners


Rodents are not simple, but preventing them can be. The trick is understanding how these pests think. If you have never taken a more in-depth look into the minds of rodents, today is your day to do so. If you like a good challenge and are up to put in a little effort to protect your health, home, and sanity, here are five quick and simple rodent prevention tips to try around your Roanoke Rapids home.... Read More

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Why Roanoke Rapids Residents Ought To Avoid DIY Bed Bug Solutions


You can solve some things in life with a bit of elbow grease and a quick internet search. A bed bug infestation is not one of these things. If you suspect your Roanoke Rapids home has a bed bug problem and are looking for a reliable solution to get these pests out fast, here are a few things we recommend and some reasons to avoid a DIY solution... Read More

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Four Spider Facts Everyone In Roanoke Rapids Ought To Know


Not everything you hear about spiders is true. In many cases, people hold biases about these pests due to personal fears or misconceptions they have heard from friends. To help you better understand the spiders around Roanoke Rapids, here are four facts about these eight-legged Halloween horrors everyone should know... Read More

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The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Roanoke Rapids Home


Spiders can run with a sudden quickness or leap. They have creepy-looking legs and tons of beady eyes. Most create big and sticky webs that are nearly transparent; stepping into one is very likely. When they use their fangs, pain and exposure to their internal poison will be around the corner. For this reason and maybe more, spiders are feared and loathed. No Roanoke Rapids homeowner would want them around. While some spiders are practically h... Read More

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