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a bed bug infestaion on sheets

The Best Thing To Do About Bed Bugs In Your Roanoke Rapids Home


Roanoke Rapids homeowners have a lot on their proverbial plates. Their tight schedules may lead to pest management being an afterthought. This is especially likely to happen if there aren’t visible insects and creatures noticeable. The reality is the majority of critters are very troublesome, and bed bugs are no different.... Read More

mouse in compost

Here's Why It Is So Hard To Keep Mice Out Of Your Roanoke Rapids Home


Have you ever stopped at a local pet store to watch the pet mice? It can be mesmerizing to watch these small furry creatures run on their wheels, play with one another, and cozy up in tight spaces to sleep. It is a whole lot less mesmerizing, however, when these creatures cause trouble for homeowners. How do these pests get into homes, and why are they so difficult to prevent? To help you fend mice off your Roanoke property, here are a few thi... Read More

american cockroaches in basement of a home

How Dangerous Are The Cockroaches In Roanoke Rapids?


In life, some dangers are more obvious than others. When you gaze over the edge of a cliff that has jagged rocks at the bottom, you don’t have to think twice about whether jumping would hurt you. Finding a cockroach skittering around inside your home, on the other hand, isn’t always an immediate cause for concern. The thing is, it should be. If you have never taken a deeper look into the many dangers of cockroaches, here are a few ... Read More

rat outside of home

Five Quick & Simple Rodent Prevention Tips For Roanoke Rapids Homeowners


Rodents are not simple, but preventing them can be. The trick is understanding how these pests think. If you have never taken a more in-depth look into the minds of rodents, today is your day to do so. If you like a good challenge and are up to put in a little effort to protect your health, home, and sanity, here are five quick and simple rodent prevention tips to try around your Roanoke Rapids home.... Read More

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