Five Quick & Simple Rodent Prevention Tips For Roanoke Rapids Homeowners


Rodents are not simple, but preventing them can be. The trick is understanding how these pests think. If you have never taken a more in-depth look into the minds of rodents, today is your day to do so. If you like a good challenge and are up to put in a little effort to protect your health, home, and sanity, here are five quick and simple rodent prevention tips to try around your Roanoke Rapids home.

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Prevention Tip Number 1: Know Your Enemy

Before we get into some of the more hands-on prevention tips, let’s first talk about some of the rodents in our area that want to invade your home. Here in Roanoke Rapids, the three most common home-invading rodents are roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice. Although different in size and appearance, these pests share many similarities, such as sharp, strong teeth, heightened senses, high intellect, and dexterity. 

Prevention Tip Number 2: Eliminate Opportunities For Shelter

One thing rodents look for in properties are opportunities to build a shelter. This could be anything from a woodpile to the underside of a ridable toy car your kids never play with. To eliminate harborage for rodents around your property, remove clutter, clean up debris, and organize storage areas.

Prevention Tip Number 3: Seal Up Your Home

To get into homes, rodents look for anywhere they can squeeze their bodies through such as holes, gaps, and cracks. If an entry point is not big enough, they might attempt to make it larger using their strong teeth. To block rodents from getting inside, find these entry points and seal them off using some steel wool and a caulking gun. In addition to this, make sure all of your home’s window screens and door sweeps are in good condition. Finally, install metal screens over exterior vents, make sure your chimney is capped, and repair any damage to your home’s shingles, siding, and roofline.

Prevention Tip Number 4: Store Food Properly

When rodents invade homes, they only stick around if they can find food to eat. One way to reduce opportunities for rodents to find food is to learn proper food storage. This begins with rodent-proof containers. After you have purchased some durable containers of all sizes, start storing leftover foods inside them after every meal. In addition to this, repackage pantry foods inside larger containers keeping in mind that rodents can chew through cardboard and plastic bags.

Prevention Tip Number 5: Clean

Rodents prefer living in dirty, unorganized environments. If your home is perpetually messy, these furry pests will be much more likely to invade. To prevent rodents, thoroughly clean your home. Once it is clean, pay the mind to pick up messes as they happen, wash beneath large appliances and furniture at least once a week, and try to limit how many rooms you eat and drink in. Not only are these habits beneficial to your health and happiness, but they will also do a good job of deterring rodents from settling in.

Bonus Prevention Tip: Hire A Professional

Most people do not have the time, energy, or patience to handle rodents on their own. If you would rather not have to deal with these furry pests on your own, the professionals at Virginia/Carolina Pest Management are here to help. 

From effective elimination services to advanced pest exclusion tactics, our team offers everything your property needs to stay rodent-free year-round

Reach out to our team today to further discuss your pest control options and find one that works for you.

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