The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Roanoke Rapids Home


Spiders can run with a sudden quickness or leap. They have creepy-looking legs and tons of beady eyes. Most create big and sticky webs that are nearly transparent; stepping into one is very likely. When they use their fangs, pain and exposure to their internal poison will be around the corner. For this reason and maybe more, spiders are feared and loathed. No Roanoke Rapids homeowner would want them around. While some spiders are practically harmless, others are medically dangerous. Black widows and brown recluses are a couple of the most lethal arachnids in the country, and they are quite common in the area. It would be wise to get an understanding of the risks at hand. Further, you can learn the tricks of the trade to keep them out, with help from Virginia / Carolina Pest Management. 

black widow spider

What Spiders Are Common In Roanoke Rapids? What Are The Dangers?

Black widows and brown recluse spiders are frequent in the region. Black widows have a distinctive red mark on their stomachs that’s similar to an hourglass. As you might guess, their glistening skin is black. At minimum, they’ll be 0.12 of an inch long. The biggest, the male, will be 0.39 of an inch long; the females cap at 0.51 of an inch. You’ll find the nests of these bugs in organic debris, wood, and grass. Rough weather and a limited food supply will send the outdoor specimens inside your home. They’ll take cover in a dark spot where they aren’t liable to be disturbed. That in mind, you may want to be careful when searching through a closet, basement, or garage. Try not to agitate a black widow; they’ll strike with their venom full of deadly neurotoxins. If you see one, other pests may be around. They eat grasshoppers, flies, ants, and the like.

Also as you might estimate, brown recluse spiders are brown or tan. Their elongated and slim legs are why they are 0.50 of an inch long. These spiders are known for dashing, and having a violin-shaped mark on their abdomen. Akin to their black widow relatives, they gather and breed in natural matter and munch on bugs. Also, they tend to crawl around in dim and quiet spaces. For instance, they’ll get settled in a crawlspace or attic. Sheds, cellars, and cabinets are go-to locations for them too. Brown recluses can be trouble, as they rapidly reproduce. If you’re bitten, anticipate fever, nausea, and skin lesions. Additional key facts about these spiders are: 

  • You need to seek medical attention for their bites. 
  • They are mainly active after sundown. 
  • Some infestation signs are seeing them or their disorderly webs on furniture and firewood, or in corners. 
  • What Are Ways to Prevent Roanoke Rapids Spiders?

To avoid encountering spiders, take the following steps: 

  • Vacuum, dust, and sweep regularly 
  • Reduce clutter 
  • Get debris off your lawn
  • Cut your grass and trim greenery regularly 
  • Make sure plants and wood piles are two feet away from exterior doors 
  • Before using storage items and logs, inspect them 
  • Patch up gaps around doors, windows, and foundations
  • Repair moisture problems and leaks 
  • Start using a dehumidifier 
  • Call Virginia / Carolina Pest Management if you have bugs spiders consume

How Will Virginia / Carolina Pest Management Exterminate Roanoke Rapids Spiders?

The experienced professionals at Virginia / Carolina Pest Management have the skills to efficiently find spider nests and entry points. They will use powerful, but safe pesticides to eradicate these worrisome bugs for the long term. Our approaches are meticulous and varied, but will never put you, loved ones, or pets in a precarious situation. Don’t wait another second! Guard yourself and call Virginia / Carolina Pest Management today to get started!

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