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Moisture Control For Your Roanoke Rapids, NC Home

The crawlspace of your Roanoke Rapids or Lake Gaston, NC area home is probably an area to which you don't give much thought. You don't spend time there, so you don't think to wonder what's happening inside it. Unfortunately, this oversight can lead to serious problems. Your crawlspace is often the area of your home that collects moisture, and excess moisture can cause issues such as mold, wood rot, and pest problems.

If you haven't given any thought to your crawlspace over the past months or years, or if your home has been experiencing problems and you don't know the cause, it may be time to take a closer look at this oft-forgotten area. Virginia Carolina Pest Management offers services to eliminate the moisture issues in your crawl space that can cause your home serious problems.

What Causes Moisture Issues In Crawlspaces?

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Homes with a crawlspace can develop moisture issues for many different reasons. Older Roanoke Rapids homes will typically show increased moisture levels due to mature landscaping, additions of outer decks or rooms, old or new HVAC systems, aging moisture barriers, or the grade of the yard.

Reasons For Increased Moisture Levels In Older Homes 

  • Mature landscaping, such as shrubs, bushes, and ornamentals, can grow to the point that they no longer allow foundation vents to function properly, leading to moisture issues.
  • Room additions and decks can also block foundation vents and prevent them from working properly.
  • Old HVAC lines can leak cool air into the crawlspace, causing condensation to build up.
  • New HVAC lines or systems with greater efficiency can cause increased temperature changes between the crawlspace and the interior spaces, leading to condensation.
  • Old moisture barriers installed at 85% coverage or that are brittle due to age become non-effective as a barrier for ground moisture and temperature.
  • Poorly graded yards where the home's crawlspace is now below the yard's exterior grade can lead to run-off going directly into the crawlspace.

Newer homes can also develop moisture issues. Even though the house was designed on paper with the correct number of foundation vents, it does not necessarily mean that the crawlspace will function properly.

Reasons For Increased Moisture Levels In Newer Homes

  • A home's proximity to the houses on each side of it can play a factor in whether crawlspace foundation vents function properly.
  • Crawlspace structural lumber is not of the same quality it was 20 years ago. Today's fast grown, farm-raised lumber does not have the tight growth rings like they did years ago. Today's framing lumber has much more sapwood in it, making it susceptible to moisture fluctuations, high moisture, fungal growth, insect activity, and damage.

Our Moisture Control Offerings

At Virginia Carolina Pest Management, we inspect your property to determine what factors are at play in causing your increased moisture levels. We then customize a treatment plan to neutralize those factors. Our treatment methods take into account the specific reasons for the moisture problem.

Below are some of the ways we fix these problems:

  • We can add sand to the crawlspace to increase the grade and eliminate moisture intrusion.
  • We can install sump pumps to remove excessive groundwater.
  • We can install new moisture barriers at 100% coverage.
  • We can apply fungus treatments to the structural components in a crawlspace to eliminate and prevent mold and other forms of fungi.
  • We can install our Encapsulated Crawlspace System.

Encapsulated Crawlspace

Take control of the moisture in your crawlspace with our Encapsulated Crawlspace System!* Our system will seal your crawlspace off and help it to breathe. The heart of our Encapsulated Crawlspace System is a dehumidifier that will sample the air for three minutes every hour and has the technology to calculate the need to decrease humidity. It knows when to work and when not to.

The moisture extracted from the air in the crawlspace is pumped outside the crawl space via a stand-alone condensation pump with electronic sensors. Our Encapsulated Crawlspace System maintains your crawl space at an optimum relative humidity range for minimizing adverse health effects such as respiratory illnesses, allergies, and asthma.

Crawlspace wood components will now stay healthy because they are in an environment that will not support mildew and fungal growth. Our customers will also benefit from energy efficiency and cleaner, drier air on the home's interior.
*As a warning, other types of encapsulations will attempt to turn crawlspaces into a foam sandwich. Covering foundation walls gives inspectors nothing in which to do a visual inspection, concealing termite activity.

Should you have termites, foundation wall coverings such as foam boards or spray foam will have to be removed at the owner's expense before we can do a proper inspection or treatment. Foundation wall coverings make it impossible for us to warranty a home against termites.

Furthermore, when selling a home with covered foundation walls, few companies will take on the liability of writing a Termite and Moisture Letter, WDIR-100 report for the seller due to the inability to inspect the crawlspace properly.

Moisture Control Done Right In Roanoke Rapids & Lake Gaston, NC

When your crawlspace is experiencing moisture problems, you need a company that can fix the problem without causing other issues in the meantime. At Virginia Carolina Pest Management, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the moisture control you need for a safe and healthy home without causing extra problems down the road. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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