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Real Estate Certification Services For Your Roanoke Rapids, NC Home Purchase

The road to buying a home overflows with bumps and potholes. Just when you start making good time, something new slows you down. One way to make the process run as smoothly as possible is to work with the right people. An experienced real estate agent is worth their weight in gold, helping you navigate the many necessary steps to get from finding the home of your dreams to having the keys put into your hands.

The other people you need for the process to move forward is someone who can write your Real Estate Certification Letter. Virginia Carolina Pest Management works with the top real estate agencies in the Roanoke Rapids and Lake Gaston, NC area and performs many of these services every month to get homebuyers to the closing table on time.

Our Real Estate Certification Letter Service

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Performing an inspection to look for moisture, termites, and other wood-destroying organisms in a home prior to its purchase is a vital step in the home buying process. Not only is it required by lenders, but it can also save you untold amounts of stress, frustration, and money. It would be terrible to move into your new home only to discover that it needs thousands of dollars in structural repairs due to damage caused by termites, moisture, or other wood-destroying factors.

By having Virginia Carolina Pest Management’s seasoned crew of wood-destroying insect inspectors inspect the home, you can set your mind at ease. We will perform the inspection, then use our state of the art software to file the necessary forms and email them to you and any other essential parties immediately after the inspection.

Furthermore, if we find termite or moisture damage has occurred in the home during our inspection, all hope for the purchase is not lost. Our fully capable staff can treat all wood-destroying organisms and accomplish most repairs that may be necessary to satisfy the WDIR-100 report requirements and lender needs.

Keep Your Roanoke Rapids, NC Properties Safe From Termite Damage

If you're currently in the home buying process, don’t overlook this important step. Contact Virginia Carolina Pest Management, and you’ll soon be on your way to ownership of a healthy home, free of moisture and termite damage.

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