Termite Control

Stopping Termites From Eating Away At Your Roanoke Rapids, NC Home

A termite infestation in your home is not a small problem. Termites may be small, but they can cause large-scale damage as they eat away at the structural elements of your Roanoke Rapids, Lake Gaston, or surrounding area house. With colonies able to grow to hundreds of thousands of members, it's easy to understand how quickly these pests can destroy the wooden structure of your home.

If you don't protect your house from termites or if you have a suspicion that termites might be in your home, don't wait to get help. Virginia Carolina Pest Management provides termite control services to stop active infestations and prevent new ones from forming.

What To Expect From Our Termite Control Services

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Termite Inspections

There are two typical types of home construction in the Roanoke Rapids area:

  • A slab foundation is a concrete slab under your home that provides no access to the underside of the house.
  • A crawl space foundation is when the home has been elevated on foundation blocks, allowing access to the home's underside. A crawl space is typically a snug fit, thus the name, where one would have to crawl to fit in this area.

The Southeastern subterranean termites we experience in North Carolina and Virginia are as active here as in any other southern coastal state. Termite pressure in the North Carolina area is very heavy compared to other areas of the country, putting our homes, regardless of the foundation type, at high risk for termite activity and damage.

90% of termite inspections are visual inspections, which means inspectors look for signs of possible termite activity. Common clues include:

  • Termite mud shelter tubes
  • Termite stains
  • Insect wings or body parts
  • Bubbling paint or bubbling sheetrock
  • Dirt specks on walls
  • Hollow sounding baseboard, trim, or moldings

Inspectors also look for environments that are conducive to promoting termite activity. Finding an "active" termite is rare as they are cryptic insects by nature. Termites have very few defenses against predators, such as other insects, and are also affected by UV light and lack of moisture, so they spend almost all of their time out of sight.

Conducive conditions that top our list for termite activity are:

  • Standing water
  • Leaky pipes
  • Leaking toilet wax seals
  • Leaking shower pans
  • Wood discoloration
  • Falling or damaged insulation
  • Lack of, or damage to, the moisture barrier
  • Disconnected ductwork
  • Exterior moisture damage to door jambs, window sills, siding, and other structural components
  • Wood- or siding-to-ground contact

Taking annual wood moisture readings and recording these on our inspection reports gives us solid metrics to gauge the structure's health. Should the wood moisture readings start to rise, we can offer proactive steps to stop the high moisture levels and control the airflow and moisture conditions in the crawl space.

Termite inspections should be done annually or even semi-annually, whether a home is on a slab foundation or a crawlspace foundation. Annual termite inspections should look at all aspects of the structure, including the garage, interior and exterior of the house, detached structures, and the crawl space. Proactive termite inspections can prove extremely valuable towards stopping termites from doing damage sooner rather than later.

Once completed, we send annual termite inspections to the customer. This report contains the moisture readings and notes about additional concerns. Technicians take photos of any areas of concern and will review them with the customer. The report and photos are also available for viewing online in the customer portal.

Termite Treatments

Virginia Carolina Pest Management provides a wide range of termite treatments:

  • Termite Pre-treatment for new construction
  • Full Termite Treatments with Warranty
  • Termite Booster Treatments
  • BASF Trelona Monitoring System

Due to heavy termite pressure, a termite pre-treatment in North Carolina is required by code for new construction. Builders need to provide the WDIR-100 form prior to homeowners being allowed to close on a home.

North Carolina allows three different methods of approved termite pre-treatments:

  • Treating exposed framing with a Borate solution
  • Soil poisoning
  • Termite bait and monitoring systems

Termite treatments on existing homes consist of top-quality termiticides applied to the soil and voids by drilling masonry block, brick veneer, and concrete expansion joints. Additionally, we treat the exterior soil around the foundation perimeter of the home, digging a six-inch-wide by six-inch-deep trench and applying a barrier of treatment. This technique is typically called a "trench and treat" method of termite treatment.

A termite booster treatment is the re-application of chemicals to hotspots such as dirt-filled porches, garage expansion joints, and the exterior perimeter of soil. We recommend a booster treatment every ten years to maintain maximum protection from the coastal Virginia area's heavy termite pressures.

A great secondary defense against termite pressure on Roanoke Rapids homes is the installation of the BASF Trelona Active Now termite monitoring systems around the house or structure. This system intercepts foraging termites and holds them in a bait canister while they consume an active termiticide. A slow kill mechanism in the active ingredient allows the termites to transfer the poison back to the nest, infecting the entire termite colony and eliminating it.

Keep Your Roanoke Rapids Or Lake Gaston, NC Property Free Of Termites

Virginia Carolina Pest Management inspectors can review your home's needs and design a termite protection system that best fits your budget and needed level of termite protection. Get in touch with us to schedule an inspection today!

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